• Kitchen, cooking mussels, closeup
  • Bar staff pouring a cocktail from a shaker behind bar counter
  • Interior, dining tables ready to receive guests

Fish Bones

About us

We have been serving the greater Lewiston-Auburn area for over 25 years and are proud to call this place home.

We first opened Fish Bones Grill in 2005 as a casual-upscale restaurant focused on the best seafood and classic American cuisine. The restaurant has grown with great pride and passion, to become a place filled with familiar faces and new diners alike. While we have evolved over time, we remain steadfast in the belief that good food is a vital and vibrant part of our community.

Recently, we doubled down on our commitment to this historic canal-side establishment with new outdoor seating, a regionally focused menu, and more space for come-as-you-are dining. We look forward to continuing to create a long-lasting connection between our community and the most comforting cuisine.

— Paul and Kate Landry